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Phase 2 and 3

We are in the planning phase for the construction of 64 upmarket townhouses in the same complex (each one with its own yard and a garage), which will be sold as completed units (this is freestanding houses in a hybrid system). 

The planning for Phase II and III will each have thirty two upmarket 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom freestanding houses.

Improvements to the properties include:

  • High quality material and finishes used;
  • Each house will have a built-in braai in a covered area and a single or double garage;
  • Standard extra’s included are an eco-friendly home, air-conditioning in the living area, prepaid electricity and roll on lawn;
  • Selected 2 and 3 bedroom houses will have a splash pool and/or a single carport at additional costs;
  • Safe open spaces for children to play and walk your dog (complex is pet friendly to small pets);
  • Secured paved parking and driveways;
  • Secure entrance with electric sliding gate at main entrance of complex;
  • Refuse house at each entrance;
  • Neat complex garden and garden services available to each property included in levies; and
  • Low levies.

The SPEC Eco Friendly Homes:

An Eco Friendly Home is an environmentally low-impact home designed using materials and technology that reduces its energy and water needs and in the process saving the home owner money (± 5-8% annually). Our SPEC Eco Friendly Homes consist of the following:

  • a gas stove;
  • solar geyser;
  • energy efficient lights & motion sensor lights;
  • energy saving air-conditioning;
  • stand-by generator serving the entire complex in case of power failure;
  • rainwater harvesting (5,000lt tank with filtration system & pump);
  • double filter system from municipal waterline to ensure clean water supply;
  • reverse osmosis (water cleaning system for drinking water) in the kitchen;
  • grey water system (2,500lt tank) to supply water to the toilets;
  • Low-flow showerhead; and
  • installation of a ‘cool roof system’
Phase 2-3 Investment amended
Phase 2-3 Investment amended.pdf (6.01MB)
Phase 2-3 Investment amended
Phase 2-3 Investment amended.pdf (6.01MB)
Phase 2 - Concept design for development
Phase 2 - Concept design for development
Phase 2 Locality map
Phase 2 Locality map