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Concrete Protection & Rehabilitation

SPEC offers a complete concrete protection, waterproofing and rehabilitation service.

Services include:

  1. Concrete protection against water and chloride penetration, carbonation and chemical attack and is applied to the following areas:
  • Sewer pump stations, sumps and pipes
  • Chemical spillage containment
  • Floors
  • Reinforcing cover
  • Damaged structures

2. Rehabilitation of damaged concrete includes:

  • Repairs to spalling and cracking due to corrosion of the reinforcement
  • External reinforcing by means of steel plates and carbon fiber strips
  • Drilling and grouting of reinforcement bars and post tensioning bars
  • Crack injection and sealing
  • Polymer and epoxy repair mortars
  • Migrating corrosion inhibitor

Control Testing Undertaken:

  • Rebar detection 
  • Slump testing
  • Substrate dryness
  • MPa testing
  • Churchill dam concrete repairs
    Churchill dam concrete repairs
  • Concrete repairs - after1
    Concrete repairs - after1
  • concrete repairs - after2
    concrete repairs - after2
  • Concrete repairs- before
    Concrete repairs- before
  • Reinforced steel protection
    Reinforced steel protection
  • concrete spalling repair
    concrete spalling repair